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Caught on camera

Posted on 14th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Caught on cameraHow Bagnall & Morris have benefited from using Mobile CCTV to combat spurious claims.

Total Waste Management Company Bagnall & Morris of Bromborough, Wirral, chose to install mobile CCTV to both of their specialist fleets of refuse collection vehicles and tankers as a direct result of false allegations and claims against their vehicles.

Sadly, in the UK today, this practice has become more commonplace with an increasing ‘blame and claim’ culture.

Commenting on the success of the programme, Bagnall & Morris’s Assistant Transport Manager Darrin Percy explains that he has seen a distinct change in insurance company’s attitudes in recent times:

“I am in possession of written correspondence from third party insurance companies confirming that as a result of viewing the footage provided by us, taken from our vehicles, that the evidence is quite clear as to whose fault the incident was and therefore no action would be taken by way of a claim against Bagnall & Morris Limited.”

Bagnall’s Fleet Engineer Paul Jarmay adds: “We are proud of our vehicle’s appearance; our profile is very prominent with corporate branding including our freephone telephone number and website we are a sitting target for any opportunist claimant.”

Darrin continues: “Before we had recording cameras on our vehicles, the whole investigation process was a minefield; it was almost impossible to get to the bottom of whose fault it was and extremely time consuming especially where no witnesses were present or forthcoming. Now we can be our own expert witness. Storing the information on CD means that we can hold possible evidence for unlimited periods of time as we find that a lot of claims are submitted well after the alleged event.”