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Bolton experience early benefits from fitting Banksman Radar

Posted on 14th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Bolton experience early benefitsBolton Metropolitan Council has recently invested in Banksman Radar from Vision Techniques.

Fitted to new Refuse Collection Vehicles supplied by Mercedes, Faun and Terberg, the fully programmable radars have already made an impact to Bolton’s service.

Speaking about the benefits of the radar, Ralph Heyes – Assistant Head of Service (pictured here) comments:

“Prior to the fitment of this equipment from Vision Techniques, we were sustaining heavy repair costs due to a wide range of reversing
related incidents that was causing damage to the rear of our vehicles and in the main, our bin-lifts. We are now experiencing the
opposite of this scenario whereby our vehicles are returning from their day’s work unscathed!”

Ralph continues: “The Banksman Radar also helps our vehicles to reverse in safety from a general public point of view; we hear all too
often of reversing accidents involving pedestrians and even crew members – this product reliably detects any obstacle that comes into a
pre-determined zone at the rear of the vehicle and alerts the driver accordingly”

“I am delighted with the performance of this product thus far and it will feature on our standard vehicle specification for future vehicle

Regional Sales Manager – Stephen Perrin adds: “Working closely with the Operations staff at Bolton has helped us to create a generic
setting that is ideal for close proximity reversing where tight manoeuvres are very common. As a direct result of the radar’s
programmability, driver confidence has grown in the product as false alarms have been eliminated”