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How to better protect your fleet in wet weather this winter

lorry in rain and high winds

Posted on 20th Dec, 2018 by Dominic Benabda

Though we’re apparently unlikely to have a white Christmas this year, the winter weather can still create plenty of concern for HGV drivers and fleet managers, especially those in the municipal industry. HGVs are amongst the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road, which means the slippery conditions can quickly create problems, both for other road users and the drivers themselves. Thankfully, we’ve got several options amongst our range of vehicle safety products that have a proven track record of making life easier for drivers and fleet managers, offering increased physical safety and legal protection.

VT Record gives legal protection to your fleet

Sadly, you don’t have to be a particularly experienced driver to know that not everyone is a model of good behaviour on the roads. Around this time of year, winter traffic is often particularly dense and frantic. People may be rushing travelling into town for last minute Christmas presents or making long journeys to see family for Christmas and New Year. This increased sense of urgency, coupled with the wet weather and associated increased stopping times, means that collisions on the road are a distinct possibility, which can be a real headache for municipal drivers and fleet managers alike.

Of course, at the moment there’s no existing technology which can physically prevent these accidents from happening, but you can give your drivers legal protection with vehicle cameras with a combined 360 degree field of vision, or VT Record – our mobile DVR system designed to prove liability, provide tangible evidence and prevent successful false claims by other drivers.

They’re far from our only products here at Vision Techniques. We’ve got a wide array of vehicle safety products available right here on our site, giving you a broad range of choice when it comes to deciding how best to increase the safety and legal protection of your fleet. You can browse our products right here, or give our friendly sales team a call on 08452 873 160. And of course, from all of us here at Vision Techniques, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!