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Bath Council prevents numerous damaging false claims within a year of installing VT-Live

Posted on 14th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Refuse Vehicle

Within a year of installing the innovative 360° vehicle recording system, VT ‘Live’, Bath and North East Somerset Council had a significant reduction in false claims.

The council installed the mobile CCTV 360° recording system onto all of its refuse vehicles – yielding fantastic results.

Even though it has not yet installed the modem necessary for the live feed ‘vehicle-to-base’ feature, managers at the company say they have seen marked results.

Martin Hellyer, Technical Officer at Bath and North East Somerset Council, said: “We have already managed to disprove several false insurance claims made against the council.

“CCTV images from VT ‘Live’ on our refuse vehicles clearly show that the claims made against it were false.

“After one driver made a claim, their vehicle is clearly captured on camera simply driving past the council vehicle without collision.”

Richard Marsh, of Vision Techniques, said: “VT ‘Live’ is an extremely useful tool to deflect false claims. The product is also extremely easy-to-use.”

VT ‘Live’ is part of Vision Techniques Crew Safe Range. The range, unique to Vision Techniques, provides the ultimate protection for crew, assets and the public.

It increases the safety of any vehicle by preventing incidents, recording near misses, and warning all other operators of any potential hazards – resulting in full accountability of all aspects of operations carried out by the vehicle and its operators.

Richard Marsh said: “VT ‘Live’ has been a huge benefit to many major companies and local authorities throughout the country – helping them to prevent erroneous claims.”

“Technology moves at such a fast pace. Over the past two decades, our technical team, in conjunction with our loyal customer base, has been responsible for producing some of the most technically advanced and highly dependable safety systems – culminating in our Crew Safe Range.”