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How To Avoid Becoming A Crash For Cash Victim

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Posted on 18th Apr, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Crash for cash schemes are still a big problem on Britain’s roads, estimated to account for almost half of motor insurance fraud. The term refers to when criminals deliberately engineer a crash in order to claim on an innocent motorist’s insurance. HGV drivers have been amongst those regularly targeted in crash for cash schemes, partially due to their increased stopping distance. So, how can you avoid becoming a victim?

How Can You Spot Crash For Cash Scams?

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There are three types of crash for cash schemes, but only one involves framing innocent motorists. These sorts of collisions are known as ‘induced accidents’, and are estimated to cost law-abiding motorists around £50 a year on their insurance, equating to millions of pounds nationally.

Usually, when one car crashes into another in front of it, it’s the driver behind who is typically deemed to be at fault. Therefore, criminals trying to cause these sorts of accidents adopt a set of reasonably predictable tactics. If you know what to look for, spotting a vehicle using these tactics can help you avoid being caught up in a crash for cash scheme.

You should always beware of:

  • Cars who are driving erratically in front of you, especially if they’re often slowing down or suddenly braking for what appears to be no obvious reason
  • Drivers or passengers looking over their shoulders or otherwise paying a suspicious amount of attention to the cars behind them. This could be an obvious sign that they’re planning or attempting to cause an accident
  • Cars whose brake lights seem to be faulty or not working. If you see this, keep well clear of them. Fraudsters have been known to sabotage their own brake lights in order to minimise the warning of sudden braking to other drivers, thereby drastically increasing the chances of an accident

What can you do?

  • Look well ahead and try to anticipate possible hazards, including erratic driving
  • Know your own braking distance and allow plenty of space to the car in front, especially at junctions and pedestrian crossings.
  • Don’t assume that a car coming signalling will make a turn until it actually starts to do so. Criminals have been known to misuse their indicators in order to wrong-foot other drivers, increasing the chances of a crash

How Can Vision Techniques Help Guard Against Crash For Cash?

How has vehicle recording technology advanced?

Vision Techniques have developed a number of products to help guard against fraud. Amongst these are VT Record, which can cover the front, rear and side of your HGVs. This means that if any incidents happen in the vicinity of your vehicle – or if it’s directly involved in one – you have irrefutable proof of the chain of events that led up to the collision.

Similarly, VT Crashcam is also designed with this specific purpose in mind. It provides continual 1080p HD footage that constantly overwrites itself, allowing it to continue recording without human input. In the event of a crash, you can immediately retrieve the footage that will exonerate your vehicle and driver, making it a valuable resource against fraudulent claims.

This can save you the hassle and stress of legal battles, as well as all the potential costs they can incur. You can buy them from our website – or if you need any help or advice, you can call us on 01254 679 717.

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