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Another Cash for Crash scam bites the dust; Vision Techniques reminds drivers to be vigilant

Posted on 28th Apr, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


It’s good news for motorists as the ringleaders of a Huddersfield-based ‘Cash for Crash’ scam were jailed recently at Leeds Crown Court.

A total of 44 individuals were implicated in a large and well-organised crime network headed by Nadeem Khalid, 34. Figures reported in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner suggest the group could have made up to £120,000 through insurance claims relating to staged road accidents.

This latest development follows arrests earlier this month in connection with a similar scam in the Reading area; it’s clear that Cash for Crash schemes, where fraudsters orchestrate car crashes and claim insurance on them as if they were accidents, continue to be a priority for the police.

But while the authorities work to cut this kind of crime, motorists should remain vigilant – experts believe Cash for Crash fraud is likely to continue.

Are Cash for Crash schemes here to stay?

Tom Gardiner, head of fraud at Aviva, thinks so. He spoke to the Independent about the recent arrests: “We are witnessing a trend towards third party, injury and organised fraud. For example, in 2013, we identified fraud in one in nine of third party injury claims.”

Aviva detected fraudulent claims of over £110m in 2013, up 19% on figures from 2012. So motorists need to be cautious – particularly those drivers with luxury, family or commercial vehicles, which are usually targeted by scammers because they’re more likely to be insured.

Aviva’s figures indicate that Cash for Crash scams are a widespread phenomenon, and while it’s great news that the Huddersfield ring has been cracked, it’s also likely that fraudsters will continue to endanger vehicle safety in the pursuit of high insurance pay outs.

How do Cash for Crash scams work – and how can I avoid them?

One of the main techniques used is known as a ‘slam-on’. The fraudster will speed up in front of a victim and then slams on their breaks, which forces the driver behind to shunt into them.

Without evidence to the contrary, the driver of the car behind is usually deemed responsible for the accident and their insurance company forced to pay out – often, scammers multiply the costs with inflated claims of whiplash.

Protect your fleet with Vision Techniques’ CrashCAM™

Vision Techniques’ CrashCAMTM is an innovative vehicle safety system design specifically to combat Cash for Crash fraud. It’s a lightweight mobile recording device that attaches to your windscreen; following its straightforward installation process, you can quickly capture anything within your vehicle’s forward view on camera.

Once installed the CrashCAMTM can record your full journey along with the date, time and locations you travel, for optimum vehicle safety. Prices start from just £89 + VAT, making the CrashCAMTM a cost-effective way of ensuring your whole fleet can prove liability should they be struck by the Cash for Crash scam.

Safety as standard with our state-of-the-art software…

Our G-Sensor software comes as standard – it will flag up any footage of unusual or dangerous driving, allowing you to access it easily when examining recordings from a long journey later on. To further increase vehicle safety, we also offer the CrashCAMTM with GPS tracking and CrashCAMTM software that can quickly integrate the camera into any PC or laptop system.

VisionTechniques’ CrashCAMTM comes with full warranty and our dedicated Customer Service team is always on hand – give us a call today and help protect yourself against Cash for Crash fraud.

For information on packages, installation and further product information, visit the CrashCAMTM website or phone our team on 08453 22 44 33.

Have you fallen victim to a Cash for Crash scam? Tell us about it in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique.