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What Are The Advantages Of In-Vehicle Cameras?

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Posted on 31st Mar, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Whether it’s an in-cab DVR like VT Record or a driver CCTV system like VT TurnAware, due to their sheer versatility there are numerous benefits that HGVs vehicle cameras can provide. These benefits are many and varied – extending not just to you as a fleet manager, but also to your drivers themselves and other road users at large.

HGV Cameras Provide Irrefutable Proof In Accidents

what are the advantages of in vehicle cameras

One of the most obvious and tangible benefits of your in-vehicle camera systems, products like VT Record can provide impartial, efficient and indisputable evidence in the event of a car accident. The unfortunate truth is that it’s common in the event of collisions for both drivers to blame each other, even if they both know who was truly at fault. After all, in the law’s eyes, one person’s word is as good as another. HGV cameras can help you avoid these lengthy and possibly costly legal battles, which have potential to impact severely on your business. It even guards you against ‘Crash For Cash’ schemes; a type of insurance fraud in which dishonest drivers deliberately cause accidents in order to profit from the victim’s insurance – an occurrence which has been reported to be on the rise in Britain.

Efficient Driver Monitoring

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Vehicle cameras also help you keep to effectively monitor your own HGV drivers. Firstly, it encourages safe and responsible driving. Bad driving habits can not only pose a risk to other road users, but they can also consume more fuel and increase wear and tear on the vehicle. This sort of monitoring also discourages drivers from being tempted to make personal journeys or unauthorised stop-offs.

This can not only help you increase efficiency and save on costs, but also gives you greater security over the reputation of your company. After all, when on the road your drivers are representing your organisation, so poor driving habits or unprofessional behaviour can be quickly associated with your business and potentially impact on your public image.

Increased Safety For Other Road Users

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Though undeniably useful, behaviour monitoring is still mostly a secondary purpose of many of our vehicle safety products here at Vision Techniques. Primarily they are designed with safety in mind. At Vision Techniques we’re passionate about safety, and it’s a guiding principle in the design and manufacture of products like VT TurnAware, which eliminates driver blindspots and guards against the dangers of cyclist or pedestrian collisions. In built up city centres like London, cyclist safety continues to be a massive issue, and many injuries or deaths are the result of incidents involving driver blindspotsVehicle cameras help to sharply the situational awareness of drivers, thereby drastically cutting down on the dangerous potential of such manoeuvres.

At Vision Techniques, we stock a range of vehicle cameras to help you decrease costs, increase efficiency and ultimately even save lives. Browse our full product range, or call us on 01254 679 717 – we’re here to help.

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