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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Key risks associated with vehicles in the waste industry

Posted on 24th Feb, 2020 by Charlotte Coop


The UK generates a massive 430 million tonnes of waste each year, with over 160,000 workers employed in the industry, and the waste sector is regarded as one of the most hazardous sectors in the UK. A lot of this …

VT STOPSAFE hits the Scottish headlines

Posted on 20th Feb, 2020 by Charlotte Coop

West Dunbartonshire has become the first Scottish Council to introduce  VT STOPSAFE.  Our new innovation allows their refuse collection vehicles to be brought to a controlled stop in an emergency situation. The VT STOPSAFE system allows crew members or other …

What’s the difference between FORS and the Direct Vision Standard?

Posted on 5th Feb, 2020 by Charlotte Coop

Vt FMS Telematics

By now, FORS and Direct Vision are both well known to most fleet managers, especially since they’ve both been around for quite some time. However, since they share certain similarities it can sometimes be easy to confuse them. With the …

How to ensure your fleet is 100% ready for a productive 2020

Posted on 5th Feb, 2020 by Charlotte Coop

lorries convoy sunset

January is generally known as a great time for taking stock examining what’s working and what’s not, as you prepare yourself for fresh success in the New Year. That makes it a brilliant time to re-assess your fleet for the …