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Automotive Electrical Installation Engineer

Posted on 29th Nov, 2019 by Charlotte Coop

We are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of commercial vehicle safety equipment with a track record of over thirty years. The successful candidates will carry out the installation, commissioning and servicing of commercial vehicle based security and data collection systems, such as digital CCTV recording equipment, RFID and intelligent radar systems.

The company has seen excellent growth through diversification into new market sectors and has recently won a number of national contracts for digital recording and data collection equipment, and the successful applicants will play a major part in taking these contracts forward.

Main responsibilities

Working at clients sites fitting the required systems
Working with heavy plant, lorries and other large vehicles such as waste vehicles
Installing the required system, testing and checking
Trouble shooting electrical and system problems
Main skills and experience needed
Automotive electrical experience of HGVS, Waste Vehicles, Quarry and Mining Vehicles or Commercial Haulage
IT/PC literate
Innovative problem solver who can generate solutions and resolve issues
Conscientious professional who is organised and dedicated
Motivated self starter who takes initiative with minimal supervision
Dependable, responsible contributor committed to excellence and success
Team player who excels at building relationships with customers and colleagues
Must have full UK driving license
( Car auto electrical only background is not enough)
Full training will be given but the right automotive electrical background is needed.

Please send your C.V. to our Service Manager Paul Shaw








A simple guide to basic HGV driver working hours in the UK

Posted on 26th Nov, 2019 by Charlotte Coop

hgv driver at work

In addition to vehicle safety technology, adhering to strict driver hours are one of the most fundamental ways that drivers and fleet managers are able to keep HGVs safe. An overworked or overtired driver is more likely to let their concentration lapse or make an incorrect decision, and where HGVs are concerned, it only takes a second or so for a devastating and potentially deadly incident to occur. An overtired driver may even fall asleep at the wheel, and while our StopSafe system has been designed for just such an eventuality, it’s never acceptable to knowingly take the risk!

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Are you ready for Direct Vision?

Posted on 22nd Nov, 2019 by Charlotte Coop

What is Direct Vision?

Firstly lets start with what is Direct Vision? From October 2020, all vehicles more than 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) will require an HGV safety permit to operate in Greater London

The DVS will objectively measures a driver’s direct view through the windows of an HGV cab. This is communicated as a star rating from zero (poor) to five (excellent), which indicates the level of risk to people walking and cycling near the vehicle.


Direct Vision was launched by the mayor of London was created to improve the safety of all road users. Vision Zero means ensuring the street environment incorporates safe speeds, safe behaviours, safe street design and safe vehicles to target road danger at its source.


Do i need a safety permit?

All HGV’s more than 12 tonnes entering or operating in Greater London from 26th October 2020 will need to hold a safety permit. will be issued from October 2019. The scheme will be enforced from 26th October across Greater London 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do I make my vehicle compliant?

If your vehicle meets the minimum DVS star rating you will be granted a permit.

From 26 October 2020, the minimum DVS rating will be one star to enter or operate in Greater London and this will then increase to a minimum of three stars in 2024.

If your vehicle does not meet the DVS star rating or is not rated, you will need to meet the ‘Safe System’ requirements to be granted a permit

Under the scheme proposals, it would be unlawful to:
• Operate an HGV more than 12 tonnes GVW in Greater London
without a permit
• Breach Safe System permit conditions

What is the Safe System?

The Safe System is a series of vehicle safety measures (fitted after point of
manufacture) which are designed to reduce the risks that HGVs present to people walking, cycling and other vulnerable road users.

Vision Techniques have been at the forefront of safety for over 30 years and our products have been developed specifically for this purpose.

“The Safe System requirements have been identified as current industry good practice by an independent advisory group with representatives from cycling and pedestrian groups, industry trade associations, vehicle manufacturers and government organisations.” Transport for London



The first review of the Safe System is scheduled for 2024, when it is proposed the minimum DVS star rating will be increased to three stars.

This review will take into account any additional technology or safety equipment that was not available in 2020. This will become known as the Progressive Safe System.

What do I need?

There is a minimum standard for you to get a one star rating. Here are the minimum requirements

• Class V mirror shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
• Class VI mirror shall be fitted to the front of the vehicle
Check out our mirror range of our VT Store
• Cameras – A fully operational camera monitoring system shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
Our Camera range is comprehensive and covers every angle of any size of vehicle
• Protection – Side under-run protection shall be fitted to both sides of the vehicle
• Signage – Prominent pictorial warning sign
We have a number of compliant signs available to buy online
• Sensors – A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
• Alarms – Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning shall be fitted to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left
Our cyclist safety product range will ensure you are issued with your one star rating

How do I apply for my permit?

Step1 – Find out your rating

Phone or email your vehicle manufacturer with the VIN number of your vehicle
Your Vehicle manufacturer will advise your star rating
If 0 star see step 2
If one to five star – see step 3

Step 2 – Safe system requirements

You will need to fit additional “Safe System” check our “What you need section”
Once your vehicle has the equipment fitted apply for your permit

Step 3 – Apply for your permit

Apply for your permit online
Enter vehicle details for multiple vehicles via a spreadsheet template and check ratings
Enter your operator details
Enter contact details
If zero star
Upload photos of Safe System equipment
Submit your application
Application will be reviewed and accepted (permit issued)or rejected with reasons (you will need to re-apply)
If one to five start -electronic permit will be granted

If you require any further information please get in touch with our team 01772 679 717







Brake announces this year’s theme for Road Safety Awareness Week

Posted on 20th Nov, 2019 by Charlotte Coop


Someone is killed or injured on British roads every 20 minutes. This sobering statistic is one of the key messages behind Road Safety Awareness week, which aims to bring communities, schools and organisations together to demand (and initiate) action in improving the safety of our roads. It’s a cause we can keenly get behind here at Vision Techniques, as many of our vehicle safety products are made with exactly this aim in mind. If you’re not too familiar with Road Safety Awareness Week though, allow us to give you a bit of an insight into what it’s all about – as well as what you can do!

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A new member to the creative team

Posted on 12th Nov, 2019 by Charlotte Coop

Lauren Nurtney

Say hello to our new member of the Marketing Team Lauren.  Lauren joins Vision Techniques and brings with her a bundle of creativity and design ideas.  Fully conversant with the Adobe suite Lauren will be responsible for the creation of our brochures, catalogues, video content, exhibition design, our social media channels and will be working on our new website which is coming soon!!

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