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Preparing Against HGV Collisions Abroad

Posted on 23rd Feb, 2017 by Jonathan Peach

preparing against HGV collisions abroad

Drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles may often find themselves called upon to make international journeys, whether that’s just across the Channel or further afield in Europe. While our blog last week goes into detail about the laws to be aware of when driving abroad, HGV drivers should also ensure they’re prepared in more immediate physical terms for the journey before setting off.

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Across Borders: Differences In International Driving Laws

Posted on 16th Feb, 2017 by Jonathan Peach

across borders differences in international driving laws

HGV drivers are no strangers to international journeys, so it’s important to be aware in the differences in driving laws when crossing sovereign boundaries. We’ve taken the opportunity to detail some of the most pivotal ones for you – especially those of our immediate European neighbours – so that you can be prepared before you set of

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Changing Navigation Techniques For HGVs

Posted on 6th Feb, 2017 by Jonathan Peach

a new direction changing navigation techniques for hgvs

Heavy Goods Vehicles have been making headlines again recently, and unfortunately it’s not always been in a positive light. A rise in HGV collisions, blockages and other awkward immobilisations on public roads are being attributed to drivers using satnavs that are intended for smaller vehicles. Frequently, these incidents are leading to miles-long tailbacks, making local officials increasingly vocal in demanding a solution.

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