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Success at the OWL show!

Posted on 28th Nov, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

OWL Scotland

You may remember the Waste Management and Action event that we covered on the blog just a few weeks ago. We’re pleased to say it was a real success, and helped a number of individuals and organisations understand Optimised Waste Logistics.

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Up to 50% off TurnSafe products with Black Friday deals

Posted on 27th Nov, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

All prices valid between 8am – 5pm Friday 28th November
We’ve reduced the cost of some of our best-selling cyclist safety products as part of our Black Friday promotions.
Contact us now on 01254 679717 quoting ‘Black Friday’ to get this fantastic discount!*

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Innovative road safety from Vision Techniques

Posted on 20th Nov, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

A quick look at the latest news always reveals more cyclist deaths caused by road accidents. In November alone, there’s been a multitude of accidents, many of which the result of a collision with a van, or other HGV. There’s was a 10% increase in cyclist fatalities, from 107 in 2011 to 118 in 2012, and a 4% rise in serious injuries from 3,085 to 3,222 in the same time period.

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Check out this weeks Commercial Motor Magazine

Posted on 20th Nov, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

This week our exciting Veolia deal features in weekly transport magazine Commercial Motor.

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TurnSafe is front page news in November MVO magazine

Posted on 13th Nov, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

This month our article with customers ranging from North and South of the border with VT systems is front page news in industry favourite ‘MVO Magazine’.

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Removing blind spots with Vision Techniques technology

Posted on 13th Nov, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

10th november VT

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may have noticed that earlier this month we announced our £1m contract with leading environmental solutions provider, Veolia. The contract will mean that every Veolia refuse vehicle will be fitted with products to enhance driver awareness when turning, and remove blind spots, reducing the risk of accidents involving cyclists on the roads.

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Vision Techniques secure £1 million Veolia cyclist safety investment

Posted on 11th Nov, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

Leading environmental solutions provider Veolia is investing £1m to improve cyclist safety using Vision Techniques ‘TurnAlarm’ systems across its refuse management fleet which is one of the largest in the UK.

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Improving cyclist safety with Road Safety Week

Posted on 6th Nov, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


With Road Safety Week around the corner, with thought we’d focus on cyclist safety in this week’s blog. We’ll be discovering what Road Safety Week is all about, taking a little look at how our products fit in with the aims of the campaign, and sharing some tips on how commercial fleet operators can make sure their vehicles are used safely.

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