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Monthly Archives: November 2019

25% of workplace deaths caused by reversing vehicles

Posted on 29th Jan, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Man-with-a-vanThe UK Health & Safety Executive has announced a set of safety measures including in cab 360° mobile CCTV, which it says could reduce deaths in the workplace by a quarter.

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HMRC and the need for SPEED!

Posted on 21st Jan, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

fire-brigadeRecently, we found out that HM Revenue and Customs wants to join the police, fire and ambulance services in their special exemption from obeying the speed limits.

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The vehicle safety system that nags you

Posted on 9th Jan, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

vehicle-safety-systemHere at Vision Techniques, we like to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the world of vehicle safety systems.

And in Japan, the Fukuko Institute of Technology has come up with a very inventive way to stop people from driving dangerously.

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