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The success of mobile CCTV

Posted on 31st Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Mobile CCTV is generally seen as a successful form of surveillance and protection.

In a government report called CCTV: Looking Out For You, they were seen as a huge benefit and directly resulted in a huge increase in CCTV since the 1994 home office report was issued.

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Taxi driving safety

Posted on 30th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

At times, being a taxi driver can be tough.

They are confronted with a many problems every day.

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Wide-angle lenses on reversing cameras

Posted on 29th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Reversing cameras can either use wide-angle or fisheye lenses. A wide angle lens projects a much large image circle than a standard design.

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Mobile CCTV uses and developments

Posted on 23rd Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Mobile CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event. A more advanced form of mobile CCTV, with Digital Video Recorders (vehicle DVR), can provide recording for years.

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Night Vision Reversing Cameras

Posted on 22nd Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Night vision revering cameras are very important for drivers who operate their vehicles in the evenings or during darkness.

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Mobile CCTV for public transport safety

Posted on 21st Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Mobile CCTV systems are installed where drivers and operators cannot observe passengers who may be inured by unexpected incidents.

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Reversing cameras – features

Posted on 18th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Reversing cameras are common on heavy-duty industry vehicles and tow trailers such as motorhomes.

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Reversing camera and vehicle safety exhibitions

Posted on 17th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

With a cutting-edge range of vehicle safety and security systems, Vision Techniques is taking its products to various locations across the UK.

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The design of reversing cameras

Posted on 16th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Reversing cameras are designed for attaching to the rear of a vehicle to assist backing up.

The design of the reversing camera is very distinct because the image is flipped horizontally to project a mirror image. This is necessary to give the driver the perception of a mirror.

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Vision Techniques teams up with company to lend out on lease

Posted on 15th Mar, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Lease Finance purchases products, such as reversing cameras, from Vision Techniques and then “leases” them to companies for a fixed period at a fixed monthly rental. Companies can pay the agreed initial amount followed by monthly payments for a fixed period to suit customer requirements.

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