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Wireless and Wired Reversing Camera Systems

Posted on 28th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

In order to get the image from the reversing camera to the display screen, there are both wired and wireless systems available.

Reversing cameras show obstructions that may not be visible in mirrors

Posted on 25th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Those who have to drive longer vehicles that have poor rear visibility, or struggle with getting in to tight parking spaces, reversing cameras will make your life easier and save on damage expenses.

Why use reversing radars with reversing cameras?

Posted on 24th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Reversing radars add another dimension to reversing cameras – and stops accidents in vehicles. But, unlike, reversing cameras, which show you what is behind you, a reversing radar makes a noise which gets louder the closer you get to the …

An introduction to reversing camera systems

Posted on 23rd Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Over time, reversing cameras has gained much interest in techno-circles. They where originally introduced solely to help large heavy vehicles reverse – such as vans and lorries. This is still the obvious use since the back of these vehicles are usually unobservable.

What to consider when purchasing mobile CCTV systems

Posted on 22nd Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Often when people buy mobile CCTV security camera systems, they tend to pay the most attention to the camera itself. However, the vehicle DVR, is, in fact, the also an extremely important consideration.

Reversing camera variations

Posted on 21st Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

There are several different types of reversing camera depending on the application. For large vehicles, some reversing camera systems allow the driver to remotely tilt and pan the reversing camera.

What to bear in mind before purchasing a reversing camera

Posted on 18th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Have you ever thought about what a reversing camera is? It is basically a camera which can be fitted to any vehicle.

Why VT Live?

Posted on 17th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

With VT ‘Live’ any incidents can be reviewed immediately as the operator of the vehicle simply presses a button in the cab (appropriate to the incident) that sends an alert to colleagues back at base via email, SMS or MMS.

Making sure your vehicles are safe

Posted on 16th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

As well as fitting reversing cameras and extra safety devices, it is important to make sure your vehicles are taken care of. Otherwise problem will occur again and again.

Accident proves reversing cameras should be compulsory

Posted on 15th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

An editor of a New Zealand car buying guide has said that reversing cameras should be installed in every car and truck in his country following the death of a toddler run over in a driveway.