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A neat and compact reversing camera system

Posted on 23rd Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

For those looking for a space saving mobile CCTV reversing camera system, the VT42AE is perfect for vans and light commercial vehicles.

Bespoke vehicle safety

Posted on 21st Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

A truck, a lorry, or an HGV – all of these differ in what they need to carry out their day-to-day activities. However, with all of them, vehicle safety is paramount.

HGV Safety in the Snow

Posted on 20th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

The country is becoming entrenched with snow and it is important for HGV drivers to be safe.

Driver ID – For Perfect Vehicle Security

Posted on 17th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

Driver ID is an advanced vehicle security system – utilising RFID Technology. For excellent vehicle security, the transport is fitted with immobilisers so it only allows the vehicle to operate with a valid tag.

Vehicle DVR – X-Driven

Posted on 14th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

X-Driven is a vehicle digital video recorder which is discreet and innovative. The forward-facing vehicle DVR camera offers continuous downloadable footage – and provides evidence for insurance purposes.

Mobile CCTV Is Necessary for Vehicle Safety

Posted on 13th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

The ‘blame and claim’ culture all around us in modern society. The public transport network is a regular victim of this. There are regular unfounded claims for personal injuries or damages from passengers.

The Importance of Truck Safety

Posted on 10th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

Truck safety is vitally important. Trucks are seen as very dangerous vehicles which collisions motorway, add to congestion and causes noise pollution.

The Amazing Reversing Camera Mirror Monitor

Posted on 9th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

The Mirror monitor is a clever device which means vehicles can be left unattended without the worry of the reversing camera monitor being stolen by opportunist thieves.

Perth and Kinross Council Improves Health and Safety With Vision Techniques’ Equipment

Posted on 8th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

Perth and Kinross Council, in Scotland, has opted to install an incredible ‘vehicle management system’ into  its fleet.

What is a Vehicle Radar?

Posted on 7th Dec, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

A vehicle radar is designed to be intelligent, fully-programmable detection system which has been developed for use on vehicles operating in busy environments – such as Refuse Collection and other waste management.