Warning Alarms

Alert workers, vulnerable road users and the general public with our talking alarms

Our warning alarms are devices to warn anyone in a vehicle’s path when it is reversing. Specifically, warning passers-by, workers and vulnerable road users to keep clear of manoeuvring vehicle.


Our talking alarms reproduce real speech with clarity with a clear audible message.  They warn others around or approaching the vehicle that the vehicle is reversing to help prevent accidents.  Our standard messages include “caution vehicle approaching, caution vehicle reversing, caution vehicle turning left”

In addition to the standard warning, we are able to customise your own personalised message for your own specific applications.

  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Clear audible messages


White Noise Alarm

This white noise alarm is designed to provide a warning sound to signal that a vehicle or mobile equipment is reversing,  Our multi-frequency alarm provides a solution to potential noise pollution created by back up alarms in confined or densely populated work areas by maintaining an effective warning signal while minimising disturbance to work site neighbours. or residents.

The alarm operates by emitting sound at multiple frequencies within a narrow band attenuated above 4000Hz so that the sound energy is directed more towards the rear of the vehicle to dissipate quicker than a conventional tonal alarm.

  • Multi- frequency alarm
  • Effective warning signal
  • 102 dB(A)
  • 12/24 VDC


Make other road users more aware with an audio and visual warning alarm

VT TURNALARM prevents accidents in difficult driving conditions by specifically warning other road users of the vehicle’s intentions when they are conducting a turning manoeuvre.

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vt illuminated turnsign

Warn cyclists of your presence with our illuminated sign

Built with CLOCS, Crossrail, FORS compliance, VT ILLUMINATED TURNSIGN specifically improves vehicle visibility for approaching vulnerable road users, warning them away from the hazardous left-side of the vehicle. With 3 different illumination patterns, we have an option to suit.

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