VT Sensorvision Drive

Flexible collision avoidance system developed for forward tipping dumpers

Designed specifically for use on forward tipping dumpers.  This forward-facing radar system has all the features and benefits of our detection radars but gives you the option and flexibility by being able to transfer from one vehicle to another. Watch VT SENSORVISION DRIVE  in action  

The system is trusted by many industry leaders and fitted as OE by Mecalec, Wacker Neuson and Thwaites.

Why VT Sensorvision Drive?

The latest RIDDOR report state that 93 workers are seriously injured as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant.  The lack of vision and blindspots on large machinery used in industries such as quarrying, mineral processing, construction and agriculture has been identified as a key reason for these types of incidents.  Vehicles are constantly exposed to the elements with low lighting and night working decreasing visibility further. Their working environments require them to work in close proximity to other vehicles and workers increases the risk of an incident.

Passive systems provide drivers with essential visuals of the surroundings of the vehicle, however, they still require the attention of the driver, VT SENSORVISION DRIVE is designed to provide added protection by giving the driver vital visual and audible signals to draw their attention to the appropriate camera.

VT SENSORVISION DRIVE has been developed for use where certain contractors require collision avoidance systems fitted to forward-facing dumpers, rather than fitting every vehicle with the system, all vehicle can be wired radar ready and the system can be transferred between vehicles as required.

See how Mecalec is improving site safety with VT SENSORVISION DRIVE – Case Study


How it works

Our radars have been developed using state of the art FMCW technology (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) for 100% accurate detection.  The radar can be programmed with customised detection patterns tailored to suit your vehicle or application and is able to detect hazards up to 25m from the position of the radar.

VT SENSORVISION DRIVE is designed so that many vehicles can be fitted with looms (Radar Ready) and the radar and cab panel is kept on a shelf until needed.   The key switch on the cab panel allows one of three settings to be selected depending on the size of the vehicle it is fitted to, detection zones are selectable via a key switch on the waterproof cab panel.

When an object is detected an audible alarm will sound stating “caution object detected”,  the lights on the cab panel will flash visually warning the driver of potential danger giving them ample time to react.  These indicator lights will also flash when the range is changed via the key switch to indicate the range selected.

Specially developed proximity switches de-activate the alarms when tipping and the implementation of speed and direction sensing make unwanted and irritating false alarms a thing of the past ultimately create the safest radar system on the market.

Industry proved for over 25 years this robust piece of safety equipment, complete with a heavy-duty stainless steel radar head is unaffected by moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, UV, snow, ice, high wind, water and mud.

VT Sensorvision drive has been developed to ensure you meet all health and safety requirement when required whilst providing you with full flexibility across your fleet,

Features and Benefits

  • Audible and visual radar alarm
  • FMCW Technology for accurate and reliable detection
  • Programmable detection zones customised to vehicle or application
  • Suitable for hire companies
  • Does not detect when the skip is raised
  • Can be moved between vehicles
  • Tested to IP69
  • Industry-proven robust stainless steel radar head
  • The key switch changes patterns for different vehicles
  • Vehicles are fitted with looms (radar ready)
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Can be kept on the shelf until needed
  • Up to 60 month warranty available

As a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of site dumpers, we can’t wait to showcase our vision for the future and demonstrate that we really are ‘better together’.”

Sales & Marketing Director Paul Macpherson - Mecalac

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