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VT RECORD 3 vehicle DVR include live streaming sending footage to any software-enabled device, giving you real-time updates, managed telematics and proactive alerts. Want to see VT RECORD 3 in action? Watch our video


To determine the root cause of an incident without any evidence can be time-consuming and sometimes lead to costly court cases. In recent years, crash for cash has become a more prevalent issue for drivers and fleet managers with more cases being recorded on a yearly basis.

The beauty of VT RECORD 3 allows you to stream and download real-time live and historical footage from the comfort of your office. This saves vehicle downtime because physical access to the vehicle is not required.

VT RECORD 3 is designed to be your eyes while you’re not there.  VT RECORD 3 features has the potential to lower your insurance costs, protect your assets and employees providing you with proactive alerts for you to monitor your fleet while they are in operation in real-time or retrospectively.

VT Record 3 allows you to incorporate all your safety equipment such as VT Brakesafe, VT Banksman or VT FMS so there is no need to review different software, it’s all done in one easy to use platform. Vision Techniques are the only supplier to offer this bespoke technology.  In addition Vision Techniques technical team will offer specialist support to help you set up and customise the system to suit your needs.

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How it works

 VT RECORD 3 provides live streaming with a 1TB hard drive (with the option of upgrading to 2TB) and operates using priority sim cards used by the military and emergency services.  This premium M2M (machine to machine) cards are specifically designed for this type of application and ensure you are not in breach of any fair usage policy.  The RECORD 3 unit is completely tamperproof and all footage is encrypted only accessible by approved personnel (making you GDPR compliant).  Recordings can be adjusted by quality and frame rate to achieve the desired results.  If space is an issue the SD version is available with its 4 channel capabilities or our you can choose our hard drive version with 4 or 8 channel inputs.

You can expect up to 8 weeks recording with a standard frame rate, however, this can be adjusted to reduce the file size and increase recording duration. Not only does it do all the things a recorder should, all our VT RECORD range includes a G-sensor. This clever device flags up any shock data and detects significant or sudden movement.  It gives you a clearer picture of the driver’s behaviour. For example, harsh braking or cornering is recorded.

We can link up to between 4 or 8 triggers (depending on whether you choose and SD or HDD version) to indicators, reverse gear, you decide!    RECORD3 tracking capabilities include over 70 vehicle reports including alarm, speeding, and park idling reports for fleet efficiency. It can be set up to send fault alerts via email.  For example, if there is a camera fault or if integrated with our other products it will notify you of any other activations.  This bespoke proactive platform is unique as it is the only system on the market to integrate other safety equipment to bring all data in one place, so no need to review different types of software.

We offer an option for Wi-Fi or to have a two-way communication voice over IP to keep you in touch with your drivers.



Features and benefits

  • Live real-time data saves vehicle downtime
  • A unique platform for integration of  all safety systems
  • Priority SIMS
  • Over 70 tracking  reports
  • 2-way communication option
  • Simple to use
  • Enhanced GPS antenna
  • 1TB Harddrive can be upgraded to 2TB
  • Plug and Play
  • Safeguard your asset and employees
  • Android/IOS mobile viewing applications available
  • G-sensor
  • Video resolution can be adjusted
  • Improves driver behaviour
  • 12-month warranty

“Using VT RECORD we have managed to identify several occasions where our vehicle was not involved in a reported incident or the damage was there beforehand.”

Bruce Moffat, Scottish Borders Council

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