VT Record 2

Mobile DVR made simple and affordable

The VT RECORD 2  is our entry recording system with a very competitive price tag whilst offering features you may not expect at such a good value. Want to see VT RECORD 2 in action?  Here's our video  


Accidents do happen, however, when its necessary to determine a fault,  the lack of solid evidence can lead to time-consuming, expensive investigation and sometimes costly court cases.

In recent years, crash for cash has become a more prevalent issue for drivers and fleet managers, add this to the issues of vandalism and attacks on drivers and the job of the fleet manager become ever more difficult.

By capturing footage from the vehicle’s cameras, VT RECORD 2 can offer a solution to managers, giving high quality recorded footage to be used as an accurate witness with irrefutable evidence should it be required.  Where there are conflicting insurance claims, this evidence allows companies to prove actual events to support their drivers who can be under scrutiny after an incident.

Recorded footage can be used to increase efficiency, footage can be reviewed to provide managers with vital insights into daily operations, these insights can be used to identify additional training requirements to promote best practices or improve driver behaviour.

Vision Techniques are pioneers in digital recording and were the first company to launch the first-ever digital recorder to the commercial vehicle industry.  VT RECORD 2 is designed to be your eyes while you’re not there, its features allow you to download footage and data from your vehicle’s journey. 

East Yorkshire council have installed our DVR’s across their fleet, read their story – Case study


How it works

Every angle of your vehicle can be recorded.

It uses plug and play functionality with a 1TB hard drive (with the option of upgrading to 2TB).  All footage is encrypted within its tamperproof case and can only be accessed by approved personnel  (making you GDPR compliant) On a standard frame rate you can expect up to 8 weeks recording, owever, video resolution can be adjusted to reduce file size, therefore lengthening your vehicle recording time.  Our DVRs will collate vehicle data even when the vehicle has stopped, just let us know how long you need it to be.

We offer an SD version where space is an issue with its 4 channel capabilities or alternatively our hard drive version has 4 or 8 channel capabilities.

Not only does it do all the things a recorder should, with GPS, location, time, date and basic tracking features, all our VT RECORD range includes a G-sensor, this clever device flags up any shock data such as harsh braking or hard cornering, giving a clearer picture of driver habits and behaviour.

We can also integrate the DVR into the existing vehicle equipment and depending on whether you select the HDD or SD version we can set up to 8 triggers linked to indicators, reverse gear… you decide and don’t forget if you have any existing Vision Techniques safety products fitted to your vehicle we can integrate those too,  flagging any activations.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 2TB
  • Capable of recording in HD or standard definition
  • Tamperproof
  • Plug and Play design
  • Safeguard your asset and employees
  • Video resolution can be tailored to requirements
  • Improves driver behaviour
  • Improves operational efficiencies
  • Audio recording optional
  • SD version small and compact suitable for FLT
  • System status indicators
  • Collates vehicle data after ignition is off
  • Encrypted data for added security and GDPR compliance
  • Up to 60-month warranty available

 “We have managed to identify several occasions where our vehicle was not involved in a reported incident”

Bruce Moffat, Scottish Borders Council

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