A new generation in camera technology. HD colour images day and night.

A new innovation from Vision Techniques.  VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 camera technology uses advanced technology to introduce one of the best performing night vision cameras to the commercial vehicle market.  Specifically developed for demanding environments, this new advancement offers unbeatable day time HD clarity performance with the addition of enhanced night vision capabilities that allows the camera to capture clear, high resolution, colour images in areas where there is extreme low lighting levels.   Check out our product video to see the new technology in action


Lack of visibility is one of the most common factors when it comes to accidents or collisions. As the demands for operational efficiency increases, this can mean that vehicles need to operate outside daylight hours, reducing visibility and increasing the risk of an accident.

Industries like construction, municipal and quarrying and mining can be hazardous even when conditions are perfect and it is well documented that waste processing and construction industries remain some of the most hazardous workplaces in the UK.   The nature of many of these industries means that night working is often required.

Our engineers at Vision Techniques have been keenly focused on mitigating these risks, which is why we have developed VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24.  A new camera technology that uses sensitive sensors to provide improved night vision in low light conditions and give unrivalled HD colour images day and night.

The human eye can hardly identify anything when the illumination goes below 20 Lux,  IR cameras help improve on human visibility however to give you a comparison our VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 technology has exceptional sensitivity that gives you sharper, clearer and coloured images even in 0 Lux conditions.

This new technology allows you to see a number plate and people’s face in distance clearly day at night whereas other cameras may not be as clear.  VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 is fast becoming an essential addition to fleet managers safety kit for their fleet and the technology is also being adopted for its security features, after all, vehicle cameras are used in conjunction with DVR’s for collecting evidence and VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 records in full HD and colour.


VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 provides advanced night vision compared with IR cameras in terms of image clarity and quality, it provides colour night vision even in the low light.

This big leap forward utilises state of the art lens performance and advanced sensor to guarantee exceptional night vision with improved HD resolution, even in pitch black conditions,  Unlike IR cameras which depend on the IR light reflection to produce images, VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 camera technology makes use of a number of natural light sources from other objects, giving drivers and operators not only a clear, colour view but also allows them to see further into the distance for a greater understanding of their surroundings


  • Next-generation in camera technology
  • HD colour images day and night
  • Exceptional vision outside daylight hours
  • A greater understanding of your surroundings
  • Enhanced safety
  • Enhance vision
  • Increased safety and security

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