Record your vehicles journey

Reduce your insurance cost and improve driver behaviour

VT FLEX is our standalone tamperproof crash camera that can be fitted to any vehicle to record your daily driving.


If you’ve never considered purchasing a dash camera before, they can be amazing tools for security and record-keeping. The majority of crash cameras on the market are fitted to vehicles by a private motorist who want to protect themselves.

The most obvious reason is to get a dash camera is for insurance purposes. If you have an accident or experience aggressive driving behaviour, having a record of the accident is important for insurance purposes. Submitting dashcam footage with your insurance claim can also expedite the claim. By providing that clear, definite evidence of the event, you can speed up the process greatly.

If you’re trying to become a better driver, being able to record and review your driving is important. Whether it’s you or your employees that you’re protecting, you’ll be able to use a dash camera to monitor driving behaviours or habits.  They act as an in-car camera whose purpose is to record your journey both visually and audibly.

VT FLEX is different from conventional dash cameras as it’s complete tamperproof so no vital footage or information is lost due to misuse.




How it works

VT FLEX is designed to be fitted to a vehicle that is driven by multiple drivers and its features suit this type of application.  Here’s why VT FLEX is different.

The vast majority of crash cameras are powered via an additional power outlet in the vehicle so it can be unplugged if the driver needs the use of the socket.  VT FLEX is permanently wired into the vehicle and designed to work between 12-24Vdc.

VT FLEX is completely tamperproof with a locked SD slot to prevent removal of the SD card, an added level of security that other dashcams don’t offer. Due to the set up via the SD card, it is impossible for the driver to change or alter any of the settings, unlike conventional dashcams where settings, language, the date can be changed easily leaving these systems open to abuse or misuse.

You can be confident that you will not lose any footage in the event of an accident or through the loss of power.  Its internal power source will finalise the recording and save it to the SD card before powering down ensuring all vital recording are saved.

Time, date, vehicle speed etc are all automatically updated via the inbuilt GPS system, so vital information is always 100% accurate.


Features and benefits

  • 1080P footage
  • Provides evidence of your vehicles journey
  • Up to 64GB
  • A lockable tamperproof SD card
  • Automatic data saving
  • GPS
  • G-Sensor to flag harsh cornering or braking incidents