Thermo Detection and Facial Recognition System

VT IPATH ┬áis our new innovation in thermo detection and facial recognition. VT IPATH is a high-temperature alert system that identifies body temperatures to prevent the infection from virus, flu, common colds or any temperature-based health risk. You can see a demonstration on how VT IPATH can be used HERE  



As the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe and dramatically alters society, governments and corporations are turning to advanced innovative technologies to limit the risk of contagion.

Currently, the UK Government guidelines state that if employees developed a new, continuous cough or have a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or above they must self isolate and get tested.

Our new innovation detects and measures temperature and provides an accurate reading of a persons body temperatures in real-time, which records and notifies of an abnormal temperature which allows you to make quick informed decisions to protect your employees and visitors health.

The new VT IPATH can be used in a range of environments or applications, offices, warehouses, work depots, shops, healthcare environments especially in areas where the management of people flow, traffic and security need to be monitored, especially on entry and exit points of buildings and work sites.

How it works

This facial recognition scanner effectively combines traditional infrared temperature measurement with the technology of AI (artificial intelligence) and facial recognition.

Its advanced 2 million pixels binocular wide-angle camera automatically activates, registers people in 0.5 seconds s. with an accurate recognition rate of 99.9%

Installation and set-up is easy and equally easy to use by simply requiring the user to stand in front of the device so it can quickly and efficiently complete the user identification and temperature measurement process

The system can be used on or offline across multiple devices and multiple sites for complete access control and monitoring with built-in anti-fake capabilities for additional security.

It has a built-in alarm that will sound and stop further entry should the body temperature of the user exceed the normal threshold, allowing for further screening if necessary.

VT IPATH comes complete with an easy to use interface and software that can be customised to specific company policies and regulations, providing you with new technology to protect your employees in these uncertain times.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically activates. Registers people in 0.5s.
  • Recognition rate of 99.9%.
  • Performs real-time face detection with anti-fake capabilities
  • Advanced 2 million pixels binocular wide-angle camera.
  • Capacity of 10,000 faces with storage of up to 30,000 events
  • 7-inch touch screen: displays the software interface and an operational guide
  • Facial recognition distance of up to 1-meter height range of 1.4m to 1.9m.
  • Multiple language capability
  • Local login for managing, searching and configuring device parameters personalised login options
  • Support multiple interfaces, SD card, WiFi, TCP/IP and USB. Offline mobile use options
  • Connect to multiple devices for access control and monitoring
  • Can connect to certain exit and entrance ways to authorize or prevent access

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