Other Products

We have a range of ancillary products that complement our range of safety products

We offer a range of additional products that complete our range of safety innovations.  From intercom systems, strobe lighting, mirrors and connectors we can help you complete your safety requirements.


We offer  Class IV, V, V mirrors suitable for use in front of the windscreen to see pedestrians crossing the front of the vehicle when it’s stationary, and mirrors to be fitted over the passenger’s door to see vulnerable road users approaching the nearside blind spot.

Secondly, we supply a range of robust acrylic shatterproof safety mirrors for greater vision.  Plant machinery and vehicles need to have a clear vision of the vehicles surroundings,  1m high 1m out via a combination of mirrors and cameras, therefore most plant vehicles require these additional mirrors to help eliminate the machines blindspots.

Crew comm MK3

A simple but effective communication system that allows communication between the rear of the vehicle and the driver.  The driver is able to hear everything from the back of the vehicle at all times, so any instruction can be heard.  The system allows two-way communication between driver and crew by pushing a button on the unit.



EMC 30

Popular within the security industry and crewed vehicles the EMC 30 it splits the feed from a camera to two monitors so the driver and the operator in the rear of the vehicle can see the same camera view on separate monitors.

EMC 40

Rigid vehicles with drawbar trailers are generally fitted with a reversing camera that activates whenever reverse gear is selected. 

As these vehicles have the ability to tow, its important for drivers to have a clear view of the rear of the vehicle with or without the trailer.  Therefore the trailer is also fitted with a camera and Susie connector connecting the trailer to the main body. 

EMC 40 will automatically switch the monitor feed from the camera on the rear of the vehicle to the rear of the trailer.


BWS 40

This is a reversing sensor and camera hybrid system that allows the operator to view the rear camera whilst also integrating the ultrasonic display.

This method allows the reversing sensor information to be displayed directly on the monitor without the need for a separate display.

BWS40 is particularly useful for tractor-trailers as it will work through a standard Susie with no modification.  


Seat belt warning

This is a system that indicates if the driver is wearing their seatbelt.   Once the buckle is connected the external green light is lit, this allows other workers and supervisors to see if the driver is using their seatbelt.



Compact strobes Blue and amber

Depending on which site your working on may dictate blue or amber strobes to indicate when the vehicle is reversing.  We supply both just let us know which one you require.


Susie Connectors

Robust prewired connector to allow connection between a tractor unit and its trailer when they have reverse cameras fitted, simple plug and play and available in one or two camera configuration

Speed modules

Our speed module reads a vehicles speed and is used to turn equipment on when the vehicle drops below a predetermined speed, so turn alarms, Turnaware etc. will not be operational when driving at normal speed-reducing unwanted alarms and warnings