VT Banksman TS

Radar using 3 pre-set beam detection

VT Banksman Tri-Sense (TS) uses three pre-set beam detection patterns to alert the driver of hazards entering the zones. The system incorporates in-cab visual and audible alarms alerting the driver giving them enough time to react, therefore reducing the risk of a collision.

Why VT Banksman Tri-Sense (TS)

Today’s commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles rely on radar systems to improve their safety. Whatever industry you work in you will be reliant on some type of vehicle, and daily operations and tasks can include a diverse range of environments and spaces.

Camera and monitor systems provide drivers with an invaluable visual aid to the surroundings of the vehicle. However, in difficult conditions, a range of complementary devices are vital to give visual and audible operator warnings. Whilst ultrasonic sensors offer a form of detection, VT Banksman Tri-Sense system has been designed to detect hazards within a vehicle’s blind spot, significantly reducing accidents by alerting the operator whose attention cannot be focused on all hazard areas.

VT Banksman Tri-Sense (TS) is fully compliant with all Health and Safety regulations to meet all your safety requirements and designed to be reliable and durable whilst reflecting the market’s cost expectations. Suitable for vehicles that requires longer distance detection than that provided by ultrasonic detection.

How it works

VT Banksman Tri-Sense comes with three prefixed fixed detection patterns

Narrow – 2.5m width – 4m length
Medium 4m width – 6.5m length
Wide – 6m width – 7m length

The system can be set to constant use or when mounted to the rear of the vehicle can be
triggered when the reverse gear is activated.

The detection zones have a 3 stage and 5 stage alert tone via an easy to read in-cab visual display warning the driver giving them ample time to react to the hazard.
The systems compact footprint, allows the radar head to be fitted to all types of vehicles even on vehicles where other radar units may be suitable. Due to the plug and play fitting, installation is quicker and easier than conventional systems, keeping your vehicles in action for longer.


Features and Benefits

  • FMCW Technology for accurate detection
  • Can be retro-fitted to any type of vehicle
  • Accurate pre-determined beam patterns
  • 3 pre-determined detection zones
  • Can be used for forward or reversing detection
  • Tested to IP69K
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small footprint and perfect for the smaller vehicle
  • In-cab driver display with 5 stage audible alerts