24GHZ Radar

Cost-effective radar system

Our 24Ghz radar uses three pre-set beam detection patterns to alert the driver of hazards entering the zones. The system incorporates in-cab visual and audible alarms alerting the driver giving them enough time to react, therefore reducing the risk of a collision.  Suitable for vehicles that required longer detection than that provided by ultrasonic detection.


Why 24GHz Radar?

Whatever industry you work in will be reliant on some type of vehicle and daily operations and tasks can include a diverse range of environments and spaces.

Camera and monitor systems provide drivers with an invaluable visual aid to the surroundings of the vehicle, however, in difficult conditions, a range of complementary devices are vital to give visual and audible operator warnings to draw the drivers attention to look at the camera system.  Whilst ultrasonic sensors offer a form of detection, our 24 GHz Radar uses an open frequency that can be used worldwide improving the range of detection with its pre-determined beams offering a cost-effective alternative.

VT 24GHz radar system has been designed to detect hazards in vehicles blind spots, significantly reducing accidents by alerting the operator whose attention cannot be focused on all hazard areas.

The system is fully compliant with all Health and Safety regulations to meet all your safety requirements.

How it works

VT 24GHz  radar comes with three prefixed fixed detection patterns

Narrow – 2.5m width – 4m length

Medium 4m width – 6.5m length

Wide – 6m width – 7m length

The system can be set to constant use or can be triggered when the reverse gear is activated.

Narrow detection zone has a 3 stage alert and medium and wide has a five-stage alert tone via an easy to read in-cab visual display giving the driver ample warning and time to react to the hazard.

This 24 Ghz radar is suitable for worldwide use across all types of vehicles, because of its compact footprint is unobtrusive and  can be fitted to all types of vehicles even vehicles where previous radar units may not have been suitable

Installation times are reduced due to the plug and play connections, so downtime of your vehicles is significantly reduced, keeping your vehicles in action for longer.

Features and benefits

  • Accurate Pre-determined beam patterns
  • Minimise false warnings with its selectable detection zones
  • 5 stage audible and easy to read visual display
  • The compact footprint can be fitted to the smallest of vehicles
  • Suitable for both on and off-road application
  • IP69K suitable for severe conditions
  • Meets all Health and Safety Requirements
  • Plug and play installation to reduce downtime
  • Up to 60 – month warranty available