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Customer Service

We work with multiple industries in both the private and public sector and deal with all type of vehicles.

  • Quality safety systems delivered to your door

  • A national network of approved enginners

  • We offer extended warranties & service contracts

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our entire range of vehicle based safety solutions. Every product undergoes extensive and rigorous testing prior to dispatch or installation by one of our fully qualified technical engineers in order to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

The speed of change and drastic growth of technology over the past ten years has led to a wealth of new safety systems once inconceveable for installation onto a vehicle.

Customer Service

Our success within the safety industry is largely due to the relationships we’ve built with our customers. Over the last twenty years our technical team have used these affilations to hear and grasp exactly what our customer base needs and create solutions to their biggest issues.

We have been responsible for producing some of the most technically advanced and highly dependable safety systems, from the first ever Mitsubishi colour camera and monitor system sold in the UK to our unique automatic handbrake failsafe system being launched in 2016.

It is essential therefore that every product that leaves our door is stamped with the mark of quality synonymous with our company and that any communication between us and our customers achieves the same level of success as our products offer.

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