vehicle cctv

VT Overview: Complete 360° Vision

A Complete 360° view around your vehicle

Get a complete. blind-spot free 'birds eye' view of a vehicle in one, clear, easy-to-understand screen; perfect for manoeuvring in built-up areas or reversing in busy city centres.

  • Make manoeuvres safe & easy
  • Tailor your own screen setup
  • Highly Competitive Packages

VT Overview is a simple but massively effective CCTV system that gives the driver a 360° field of view around the vehicle- on one easy to understand screen.

A four mounted camera setup uses overlapped stitched images to cover all angles around the vehicle- avoiding any blind spots and effectively giving a birds eye view ofthe road and everything around it.

The monitor and trigger system allows for user tailored screen setups, such as split screen output to display specific cameras when reversing or indicating.

The VT Overview system is completely programmable and tailorable, meaning it can be removed and refit onto other vehicles at an affordable rate.

Complete 360° visibility around your vehicle on one simple screen - the Overview is fantastic in built-up areas"

Vehicle 360° Visibility Systems

VT Overview: Complete 360° Vision

VT Overview

VT Live: 4 Camera recording system

VT Live