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Quad or Dual Monitor

What is the VT70 EMM Quad or Dual Monitor?

The Quad or Dual Monitor delivers the ultimate performance in longevity of operation.

With compatibility for up to four cameras, the monitor provides a high quality image, complying with or exceeding any machine equipment’s specifications.

The monitor is ideal for vehicles, which subject to high shock loading, such as fork lift truck and quarry vehicles.

However, can be used on any vehicle where high quality performance is paramount.

  • Waterproof and alloy cased 7” monitor
  • Latest electrical technology
  • Ultra high-resolution digital picture
  • Touch panel controls
  • High shock load
  • High quality controls
  • Either twin or 4 camera operations
  • 12-24 Volt Operation

The monitor can be fitted to the dashboard or on a roof mounted bracket.

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