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StopSafe: Controlled Stop Braking System For Vehicles

Vehicle comes to controlled stop on emergency button press

A new solution to 'out of control' vehicles, VT Stop Safe can save lives by stopping the engine and applying ABS braking to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop when an emergency button is pressed.

  • Stop 'out of control' vehicle
  • Combine audio & visuals
  • Enviro friendly

Vision Techniques are proud to reveal a new install or retrofit option for the municipal industry designed to bring any big lorry to a controlled stop in the case of a driver losing control.

"We call it VT StopSafe, effectively the system reduces the vehicle's speed while simultaneously bringing it to a controlled stop using the braking system. The system is activated using a secure emergency button installed to the vehicle dashboard, allowing the crew to react to an emergency situation."

The system was built with assistance from Skipton based Craven Council to help find a way of making the technology viable for the municipal industry.

Press to stop - it's that simple. Our emergency stopping button is one-of-a-kind.”