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VT Safe Guard™

What is VT Safe Guard™?

VT Safe Guard™ is a multifunctional device, which controls everything from who operates the vehicle to the level of fuel used.

With other benefits including legal compliance, vehicle management, safety enhancement and financial savings, there isn’t a more versatile or cost effective vehicle management system available on the market.

Offering an unrivalled level of vehicle security, the system only allows authorised drivers and crew to control vehicle equipment that they are qualified to operate.

Using VT Safe Guard™’s unique ID tags, a refuse loader can operate the bin lift and packing mechanism controls but would be prevented from driving the vehicle.

In addition, without the use of an I.D Tag, vehicle theft and interference with potentially dangerous equipment is prevented.

Endless hazardous scenarios can be avoided by installing VT Safe Guard™.

This revolutionary system is the culmination of six years’ extensive research and development.

Boasting a host of innovative features, VT Safe Guard™ was created in response to one of the UK’s premier waste collectors, who described an operational problem and asked for a vehicle based safety system that could be successfully adapted into their fleet to satisfy requirement.

VT Safe Guard™

VT Safe Guard™ offers the ultimate vehicle management system using cutting edge RFID Tag technology.

It consists of three components – an authorisation tag, a ‘transmit and receive’ antennae and a central control unit with a master antenna.

Safety, security and performance are achieved by integration into the vehicle system and associated equipment to provide a multi-functional, flexible, vehicle control, monitoring and logging solution.

The data log details the activity of the driver and operators of the vehicle. This information can then be used as an invaluable analytical tool to assist in the operational and efficiency requirements of any fleet operator.

VT Safe Guard™ has been designed primarily for the waste industry but is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Improves vehicle security and prevents theft
  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Saves money on fuel and running costs
  • Environmentally friendly – carbon reduction
  • Increases fleet safety, reducing incidents and associated costs
  • Protects insurance premiums
  • Reduces wear on vehicle components
  • Simple data-log for operational analysis and improved efficiency
  • Flexible, ‘open ended’ design architecture: to facilitate integration in to any vehicle to control a vast range of operational aspects i.e. engine, park brake, hydraulic systems, ancillary equipment.
  • Programmable: allowing parameters to be configured to meet the requirements of the individual application.
  • Modular design concept: the system can be expanded or contracted in line with the application requirements to provide coverage and protection where needed.
  • Hierarchical tag system: multiple tags can be encoded into each system, with varying levels of authority for each tag, allowing selective control of operational aspects in line with tag authority level.
  • Unique tag ID: each tag has it own unique identity.
  • Data logging: the stored system log can be interrogated to provide an in depth, date/time specific log of tag holder activity and subsequent responses of the system and the controlled processes on the vehicle.
  • ‘Transparent’ in operation: the system is seamless in operation and requires no operator intervention and is therefore non detrimental to the efficiency of the operation.
  • Compliant with all relevant European Transport Industry standards

VT Safe Guard™ is a sophisticated precision device, which must be installed and calibrated by a qualified technician.

Which vehicles is it suitable for?


Leasing is available for VT Safe Guard™ from just £1.97 per day. Call Vision Techniques on +44 (0)1254 679 717 for more information.