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Reversing Camera system - VT56AE

What is the VT56AE reversing camera system?

The VT56AE lorry reversing camera, one of our most popular reversing camera systems, is affordable yet still highly dependable and versatile - making it the perfect choice for installing on a lorry, HGV, truck, van, bus & coach.

The reversing camera system consists of a 5.6 inch Colour TFT vehicle monitor, a colour infrared vehicle camera with 20m cable and fixings with in-built infrared LEDs for night vision capability - and a day/night sensor for automatic adjustment.

How does it work?

This reversing camera system is dual voltage so it is designed to work on both 12 and 24 volt vehicles.

A camera is fixed to the rear of the vehicle which produces a feed to a dashboard mounted monitor in the cab of the lorry, providing the driver / operator with a clear view of the rear of the vehicle.

This system also gives you the option of adding a second camera for even greater vision around the vehicle.

Added safety

Fitting a camera to your vehicle adds to its operational safety, resulting in fewer accidents. It has also been suggested that insurance premiums can be lowered when a rear view camera system is installed on your vehicle.

As an added benefit to installing a camera system it will help businesses to put more vehicles on the road due to the reduction in costs.

  • Clear cost effective way to view the rear of the vehicle while manoeuvring.
  • Ideal to watch for pedestrians and other common objects moving behind the vehicle.
  • Will reduce common accidents such as collisions with objects, other vehicles or even pedestrians.
  • Insurance reduction to allow for more vehicles on the road.
  • Anti-corrosion aluminium housing
  • 18 infra-red LEDs for night vision
  • Built in speaker and audio function for enhanced warning messages

The monitor is hard wired into the cab's dashboard and operates on a 12 or 24 volt basis, with a 20m cable running down the chassis to the camera, fitted to the rear of the vehicle.

All Vision Techniques reversing cameras and mobile cctv systems come with a 12 month return to base warranty – Subject to terms and conditions.

Mobile CCTV - VT56AE Reversing Camera System

Which vehicles is it suitable for?

Further information

Download the VT56AE Rear Vision Camera technical specification document below.