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VT CrashCAM Plus Vehicle Accident Camera

HD footage, Google maps & lockable drive

This dashboard camera comes with GPS, G-Sensor data and 1080p HD footage, all reviewable through the advanced on-board software that links with Google maps for easy analytics.

The PLUS also comes with a lockable drive to prevent tampering and secures your footage until you need it.

  • GPS with Google maps
  • Analytics & telematics reporting
  • Lockable drive for security

The CrashCAM PLUS offers full HD high quality recorded footage alongside in-depth driving analytics - providing everything you need for front facing recording.

Supporting up to 1280p SXVGA footage the PLUS comes with the best analysis software available on the market - integrating monitoring reports, route data, location and speed analytics and integrated google map tracking to effectively evaluate your driving and provide detailed information about any accident.

A feature requested by many customers and one of the major reasons this model was developed is down to its lockable SD drive, preventing anyone from accessing the memory slot without a key, securing vital footage within the camera body.

“The CrashCAM PLUS provides the high definition footage with the data you need - GPS, G-Sensor and speed analysis."


VT CrashCAM Plus

VT CrashCAM Plus