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Will bus safety benefit from speed limiters?

Will bus safety benefit from speed limiters

Posted on 25th Mar, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Bus operators have a huge responsibility. Not only have they got to drive safely to protect other road users, they’ve also got passengers on board that have put their trust in them. Driving a large vehicle like a bus is hard – with all the usual difficulties like blind spots, as well as security issues. And with a number of speeding-related incidents being reported of late, it begs the question, do bus operators need speed limiting technology to enhance vehicle safety too?

High-speed accidents and proposed solutions

One of the many incidents to have occurred in recent months took place in Coventry. At the end of 2015, an eight-year-old boy and elderly pedestrian were killed as a double decker bus crashed high-speed into a supermarket. The boy was travelling on the top deck of the bus and many others sitting on the bus were also taken to hospital for injuries.

With incidents like this in mind, Transport for London now say they want all buses in London to be fitted with speed-limiting technology from 2017. TfL believe mandatory changes like these could reduce the number of those killed on the road while helping bus operators to do their job.

The technology has already been trialled on two routes with a range of road conditions and speed limits. While the buses stayed within the speed limit almost all of the time, TfL still believe the technology would be beneficial and offer a life-saving solution for those rare incidents.

About the technology, Leon Daniels, managing director of surface transport at TfL told the BBC:

“We are investigating a range of new technologies that can make our bus network the safest in the world.”

Other safety technologies for bus drivers

Will bus safety benefit from speed limiters

Speed-limiting technologies aren’t the only technologies for increasing road safety for bus drivers. At Vision Techniques we have plenty of safety solutions for buses and coaches – benefitting operators and other roads users alike.

Some of our most popular products include:

VT TurnSafe – Our suite of cyclist safety products

Products in this range not only help to reduce blind spots, they also offer visual and audible warnings for cyclists and other road users – making them more aware of your presence and your intentions.

VT Cameras – CCTV and reversing technology for peace of mind

Vandalism, false insurance claims, and aggressive passengers are just some of the day-to-day issues bus operators face. CCTV technology can help to capture activity and provide essential surveillance, while giving commuters confidence and security.

VT Ident – Making sure your vehicle doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

Products such as VT Ident and VT Ident DriveStop are essential for stopping unauthorised access to your vehicle and theft. What’s more, the system can be completely tailored to your needs too.

To find out more about these technologies, or any other products in the Vision Techniques collection, please give the team a call today. You can chat to an expert on 08452 873 172.

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