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Why waste management vehicles are the safest they’ve ever been

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Posted on 10th Aug, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Historically, waste management vehicles have brought many road safety risks to Britain’s roads. Between 2001 to 2002, and 2009 to 2010 there were a total of 57 fatalities in the waste management and recycling industry. These fatalities were the result of workers or members of the public being hit by a moving vehicle. While these numbers are a huge improvement on previous years, the most recent technologies being designed have contributed to even more progress in waste management vehicles’ safety.

What makes waste management vehicles so dangerous?

There are several reasons why waste management vehicles have been behind so many fatalities and accidents on the roads. Not only are they large in size, and consequently difficult to maneuver, they also have a high presence on Britain’s urban roads and housing estates, day and night.

Danger #1 – Reversing

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As with any large vehicle, reversing is difficult for any waste management vehicle driver. Limited vision means that it’s too easy for drivers to miss a small child running across the road, in their rear mirror, or to notice a cyclist approaching from behind.

Solution: VT Banksman

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This suite of tools ensures rear visibility in large vehicles is at its best. The range of reversing radar systems reduce the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and pedestrians.

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Danger #2 Theft and unauthorised use

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It can be far too easy for a vehicle to fall into the wrong hands. Proper training is required to drive a waste management vehicle and without it a serious accident can occur.

Solution: VT Ident

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VT Ident works via a tag reader, which is fitted to the driver’s cab. Drivers and other operatives access the vehicle through the use of their own tag. Each driver’s tag is different and uniquely coded, identifying the operating permissions they have and allowing managers to tailor access, according to the role and training of each staff member. This prevents untrained operators from putting themselves and others at risk of injury.

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Danger #3 Fraudulent claims

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For years, fraudsters have been purposefully causing accidents with other motorists in order to claim cash. It’s a growing problem that is costing insurers £392m a year. While no technology can prevent this from happening, specialist recording technology can record evidence of the accident, revealing who was really at fault.

Solution: VT CrashCam Driving Event Recorders

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This accident recording system allows you to monitor a driver’s safety and general driving performance, preventing false and fraudulent claims. Its G-sensor technology also detects intense movements, automatically recording and saving footage without the need to press any buttons.

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Another one of our products, designed to increase waste management vehicle safely, has also had an excellent take-up. OWL, which was designed together with Vehicle Weighting Solutions and CMS Supatrak, helps to reduce costs, maximise your resources and improve workplace safety with its cutting-edge, fully-integrated waste management solution. The live 360-degree CCTV recording system acts as a reversing aid and can help to decrease fraudulent claims, as well as the types of accidents described above.

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