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Why vehicle camera systems are still vital for improving vehicle safety

rear mounted vehicle camera

Posted on 9th May, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

When it comes to safety on Britain’s roads, vehicle camera systems have proved to be a great all-rounder. They’ve helped reduce the risk of accidents, giving drivers a clearer picture of the roads, and been essential in reducing the number of fraudulent claims. With so much to offer, it’s clear that cameras are the one technology that will benefit all vehicles and cars.

The growing popularity of dashboard cameras

One reason why sales of dash cams increased by 918% in 2014, according to market research company GfK, is because of their many benefits. Consumers get not just one solution with a vehicle camera system; they get many. One of the biggest perks, drawing drivers of larger vehicles to these products, is the improved visibility cameras offer. While it can be tricky to spot vehicles and pedestrians at your side, especially when driving a truck or lorry, cameras make it easy. Drivers can see vehicles approaching from either side of their car – allowing them to make better decisions. Considering this, it’s no surprise that around 30% of van and HGV fleets have fitted vehicle camera systems.

crash cam image

Vehicle camera systems are also useful for fraudulent claims. Over the past few years there have been plenty of claims made by criminals. In fact, The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that ‘crash for cash’ fraud costs the industry £392m each year. In these situations, fraudsters typically manufacture accidents themselves by braking suddenly – meaning the car behind them has no option but to run into the back of them. It’s here that vehicle camera systems can prove your innocence – which would be impossible to prove in any other way.


Vehicle camera systems designed for you

VT CrashCAM is one of our most popular products for protecting against fraudulent claims. The dashboard camera captures high definition footage with G sensor technology and automatically records and saves footage without the need to press any buttons.

Wireless cameras, like VT Live, offer extra benefits. Allowing a live view of incidents, they can help employers ensure they’re operating a safe fleet. A secondary benefit is the improved savings that 3G cameras help one to make – promoting insurance and fuel savings. VT Live also includes a GPS fleet tracking system to show a vehicle’s exact location, which is essential in cases of serious accidents.


Over the long term, any driver using vehicle camera systems will see a reduction in accidents, reduction in costs of third-party claims, and improved confidence on the roads. Cameras also act as a great tool for improving driving skills – identifying poor driving and allowing drivers to act on their new learnings.

Alongside the products mentioned today, we also have a variety of other vehicle camera systems, including the VT56, VT80, and the VT42 MicroCamera.

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