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Why municipal vehicles can benefit from vehicle CCTV

Why municipal vehicles can benefit from vehicle CCTV

Posted on 3rd May, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Car insurance fraud is one of the biggest types of crime on Britain’s roads today. All cars are at risk, but municipal vehicles in particular face a number of challenges and are one of the main targets. While it’s difficult to stop these crimes from happening, CCTV can deter criminals and offer peace of mind should you become victim.

False accident claims: The facts

According to RSA, there have been more than 22,500 instances of car insurance fraud since 1999. These deliberate accidents are well known to local councils and police, who are constantly trying to stay on top of the cases that occur.

About these deliberate accidents, Detect­ive Chief Super­in­tend­ant Steve Wilmott, from City of London Police says:

“[criminals] will drive with two or three people in their vehicle and will select a fairly new [target] vehicle with one or two people or maybe a family inside. Then they will delib­er­ately col­lide with it, either by side-swiping it or by brak­ing hard in front of the vehicle, and claim against insur­ance for whip­lash or other injuries.”

Staged accidents like these aren’t only dangerous; they’re also costing local councils and government millions of pounds and risking the jobs of those drivers involved.

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Vehicle CCTV solutions

Vehicle CCTV offers peace of mind, capturing those moments on the road and ensuring you’re not falsely accused. Vehicle CCTV also offers benefits that are twofold – helping drivers of municipal vehicles with common tasks like reversing. With reversing being one of the highest risk activities in the municipal and waste sector, according to the HSE, the use of 360 degree CCTV offers that all-important coverage, minimising the chance of accidents like these occurring.


At Vision Techniques, our solutions include:

  • The VT56 Camera – our best selling camera with an internal light sensor, ultra low light IR LED for night time conditions, and well-built, durable body – resistant to dust and water
  • The VT3000 Shutter/Wiper Camera – a camera offering all the usual benefits along with a shutter wiper lens, for the worst weather conditions, and an extra wide IR LED lens.

You can read more about our range of vehicle cameras here.


Local councils are really beginning to see the advantages of CCTV and putting new plans into action to look after their workforce. In December 2015, all bin men and women in East Staffordshire had CCTV technology fitted to their vehicles. Designed to improve their safety, the CCTV was installed to capture any evidence of crime. The council spent £772,000 on this new initiative, which provides each driver with a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the vehicle and surrounding area. So far, the spend is proving to be worthwhile with footage having already been used as evidence for a number of cases.

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