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Why cyclist safety is essential in summer

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), more cycle accidents occur during the spring and summer, between May and September, than in autumn and winter. While road safety campaigns and improved driver awareness can help in the reduction of vehicle/cyclist collisions on our roads, it’s cyclist safety detection systems making the real difference. Designed to detect cyclists and prevent accidents, technology like VT TurnSafe is a must-have addition to your vehicle during the summer months.

Of all accidents, driver and / or cyclist error is the most frequently reported reason for accidents, with HGVs presenting a particular danger for cyclists. In London, around 20% of cyclist fatalities occur as a result of HGV / cyclist collision, usually when an HGV turns left at a junction.

Summer safety tips for cyclists

With the sun out and warmer temperatures now here, it’s a good excuse to take your bike out. Cycling also makes a great alternative to walking or driving to work – and is a popular alternative come summer. If you’re a fair weather cyclist, it’s likely that you lack day-to-day experience – or you may be a little rusty when it comes to rules of the road. No matter what your experience, it’s always good to go back to the basics.

Remember to:

You also need to keep your eyes on the road and look out for any potential hazards.

Things to look out for:


Summer safety tips for drivers

As a driver, there are many road safety tips to keep in mind. The THINK! Campaign, working in partnership with Transport for London, advises drivers to:

Cyclist safety systems, like our VT TurnSafe range, can also ensure safety on Britain’s roads. Boasting a Cyclist Detection System, Audible Visual Awareness with TurnAlarm, Visible Cyclist Warning with TurnSign, and a Side Detection System with TurnSensor, it offers the whole package. Our VT TurnSafe range also includes TurnCamera, a camera that captures the activity in your blind spot – further safeguarding against accidents.

If you operate a larger vehicle, you may also like to take a look at VT Banksman, our reversing radar system. Detecting objects, vehicles and pedestrians that lie in your path, the FMCW microwave radar collision prevention system is essential in reducing the risk of collisions.

How are you taking extra precautions on the road this summer? Share your cyclist safety tips in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique