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White van man goes hi-tech

Posted on 20th Mar, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

mirror-monitorUK vans are set to become the cutting-edge of reversing technology, with many new vehicles being fitted with reversing camera monitors built into their rear view mirrors.

Vision Techniques has been offering this solution for years, and now huge companies are beginning to follow suit.

Companies such as Ford, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, are offering digital parking cameras in the rear view mirrors of new transit vans to assist with easy manoeuvring.

Vision Techniques’ Rear View Mirror Monitor Camera System is both a reversing camera system and a rear view mirror.

The ultra-compact reverse camera system is transformed so it looks like an ordinary rear view mirror to fool opportunist thieves.

Blind spots are a huge problem for van drivers and cause many costly accidents.

There are blind spots on both the right and left hand sides of commercial vehicles, missing critical points that are easily overlooked.

It is essential that commercial vehicles be fitted with reversing camera systems to prevent collisions.

Steve Perrin, manager at Vision Techniques, said: “Reversing camera systems in all commercial vehicles are becoming recognised as an important safety feature in the UK.

“The Rear View Mirror Monitor is both cost-effective and ideal for theft prevention.

“This reversing camera system will significantly reduce your accidents.

“Like most Vision Techniques products, the Mirror Monitor dramatically increases vehicle and pedestrian safety.

“Reversing cameras dramatically reduce van accidents.”

The Mirror Monitor is a 4.2” profile-wide monitor, which can be used on most vehicle types.

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