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What to consider when purchasing mobile CCTV systems

Often when people buy mobile CCTV security camera systems, they tend to pay the most attention to the camera itself.

However, the vehicle DVR, is, in fact, the also an extremely important consideration.

Make sure the camera is of high quality and works with night vision. With mobile CCTV vehicle DVRs, it’s all about individual requirements for things like resolution.

It’s also important to know the amount of time to spend recording, if you need Internet connectivity and how much you can afford.

Here are some more specific considerations. It’s not always necessary to have mobile cctv cameras all the time, so consider getting an alarm which triggers it.

Many mobile cctv cameras are not weather resistant so they cannot withstand harsh conditions. If you need a camera outdoors, such as a reversing camera, consider looking for one which can withstand bad weather.