Vision Techniques

Waste industry set for technological revolution with new vehicle CCTV, mobile DVR and efficiency system

A revolutionary new vehicle efficiency system, incorporating vehicle CCTV, mobile DVR and vehicle weighting, will change the face of the waste industry, claims vehicle safety company Vision Techniques.

The waste industry is set for a technology revolution, following the creation of a radical new system designed to eliminate hundreds of headaches facing councils and waste management companies today.

Designers claim it is ‘the ultimate waste collection solution’, incorporating vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR and other efficiency systems, making waste vehicles significantly more efficient, secure and safe.

According to industry experts, the new innovation, simply known as the ‘OWL’ (Optimised Waste Logistics), will save councils and waste companies a huge amount of money as well as protecting staff and maximising resources.

OWL is the result of three organisations, with different expertise, working together to enhance the efficiency of waste vehicles – vehicle safety specialist Vision Techniques, in partnership with major companies CMS SupaTrak and Vehicle Weighing Solutions.

“OWL is everything you need to make waste vehicles 100% efficient,” says industry expert Andrew Kelly of Vision Techniques.

“It is, quite literally, the ultimate waste collection solution – certainly not your average vehicle safety or management system.

“It monitors driver behaviour, weighs the waste in the vehicles, provides onboard vehicle CCTV and mobile DVR recording and manages your vehicle for optimum efficiency.”

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