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The War on Britain’s Roads

Did anyone see the War on Britain’s Roads documentary on BBC 1 last night?

The programme dealt with the issue of cyclist deaths on Britain’s roads.

The documentary came weeks after Bradley Wiggins’ encounter with a van with the number of cyclist deaths in Britain this year hovering at a record 112.

The programme received some criticism. Campaign group British Cycling said the programme failed to address the work of government, cycling organisations and other interested parties in improving conditions for cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Despite its controversy, however, the programme nonetheless highlighted an important issue.

Any attempt to encourage more considerate road use is to be encouraged.

The BBC said the programme ‘set out to explore real-life stories…Raising awareness of these issues, on a primetime BBC One programme, can only be a positive thing for both cyclists and other road users.’

At Vision Techniques, we also encourage considerate road use from both parties.

HGVs are responsible for many cyclists deaths. While they are only partly to blame, fitting a proximity sensor can make an HGV driver’s life much easier because it is designed to detect cyclists, while a driver may not notice them.

Adding LED lightboards will also help attract the attention of cyclists and prevent accidents.

Stay safe and fit your van or lorry with proximity sensors to ensure the safety of other road users.

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