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VT TurnAware: Bringing cyclist safety to industry

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Posted on 3rd Aug, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

With cyclist safety being high on the waste and resource sector’s agenda, we’ve been out and about, exhibiting some of our latest products to those in the industry.

One of our latest products, VT TurnAware, has been designed to tackle the issue of cyclist safety, and so far it’s going down a storm. In fact, it has such potential to make a difference to the number of accidents between cyclists and HGVs on the road that we’re even looking for it to be certified.

Our certification plans include official endorsement from FORS, CROSSRAIL and CLOCS. These official certifications would make VT TurnAware a viable alternative to ultrasonic sensors – with the latter potentially being replaced by products like TurnAware in the near future.

Why get official certification?

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FORS, CROSSRAIL and CLOCS are perhaps the biggest cycle safety initiatives in the UK. CLOCS, which came about after The Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety report, identified three work streams to make Britain’s roads safer for cyclists.

The first of these work streams emphasises the need for safer vehicles – through both design and manufacture of new vehicles and safety equipment. Products like VT TurnAware support this work stream, providing a safety mechanism for vehicles that will ensure cyclist safety on the roads. Other products that complement this works stream include VT TurnAlarm, VT TurnSafe and VT TurnSign. 

What makes VT TurnAware different?

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VT TurnAware has the potential to change the landscape of road accidents. Unlike most of the other technologies out there, which are based on ultrasonic detection, VT TurnAware uses much more sophisticated technology – preventing the risk of any false alarms.

Using a GPS controlled ‘speed logic’ system and high-tech hardware, a driver is made aware of a cyclist’s presence, using both audible and visual warnings. The visual analytics side of the product is another huge improvement on current detection systems – visualising any hazard through a monitor and helping drivers to judge a situation for themselves.

RWM 2015 – The event


VT TurnAware is gradually making its way around the UK being demonstrated at vehicle and tech fairs. The next event we’ll be appearing at is RWM 2015 at the NEC Birmingham. Taking place between 15th-17th September, we’ll be joining over 700 exhibitors presenting their resource efficiency and waste management solutions.

At RWM 2015, we’ll be exhibiting VT TurnAware on our stand, using footage from a cyclist travelling around London. You’ll also be able to see the scenario through the eyes of a driver, using a GoPro, which will be relayed back to a Virtual Reality Headset. It’s certainly one demo you won’t want to be missing out on!

To find out more about RWM 2015, visit the website. We’ll be there in Halls 4 & 5 – Stand 5Y130-ZZ13. In the meantime, why not read a little more about TurnAware and see what it can do for you? All the details are on the product page .

Have you used VT TurnAware before? If so, why not leave a product review in the comments below or tweet us your review @VisionTechniques