Vision Techniques

VT Overview™ sees sharp rise in demand

There has been a surge in popularity for our state-of-the-art birds eye view camera system.

Organisations throughout the UK have realised the potential benefits of VT Overview™, the most recent organisation to reap the benefits being a Greater London Council.

VT Overview™ is a 360-degree real-time camera system, which gives a view of the vehicle or machine and its surroundings through a single monitor image.

How is it helping the council?

What is VT Overview?

Using the latest video software, VT Overview™’s four wide-angle cameras are placed around the vehicle to create a single image on a driver’s monitor.

Ideal for vehicles working in built-up areas, this unique, state-of-the-art safety system is an entirely new concept for all-round 360º vision.

VT Overview™ also detects obstacles such as cyclists and pedestrians when the vehicle is turning left, triggering an audible warning to alert the driver.

It is an absolute must for vehicles used for high street delivery, operating in congested traffic or on bus routes when lane changes and turning is necessary.