Vision Techniques

VT ‘Live’, now available on lease

Vision Techniques is pioneering a cutting-edge 360⁰ CCTV recording system, which offers unrivalled crew protection.

So much more than a traditional digital recording system, VT ‘Live’ streams live video footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity.

As well as increasing vehicle and crew safety, VT ‘Live’, eliminates false and fraudulent claims made against companies and provides efficiency savings whilst developing the capacity of the front line staff.

Andrew Kelly explains, “An investigation process can be very difficult to conduct without the help of VT ‘Live’.

“But, with Vision Techniques’ latest system, it’s easy to prove whether there was a fraudulent claim or not.

“With VT ‘Live’, incidents can be reviewed immediately.

“VT ‘Live’ has numerous fundamental benefits. For example, vehicles can be selected from the software on the PC in the office to view the audit trail of reverse manoeuvres from chosen vehicles, to ensure polices are being followed correctly.

“Obviously this can be done in real time ‘Live’, as the vehicles are carrying out their daily duties.”

Companies can make huge savings using clear evidence against fraudulent claims – including investigations into accidents and incidents, breaches of health and safety and unsafe working practices or personal injury claims.

VT ‘Live’ also provides a complete fleet GPS tracking solution, providing detailed information on a vehicle’s exact location and a full audit trail.

There is also a built-in system health check alerting operators of potential faults with vehicle-mounted cameras, ensuring critical incidents are not missed due to faulty equipment.

Michael Hanson Managing Director, of Vision Techniques, added: “It’s a fantastic system that has worked extremely well for hundreds of vehicles already.

“An example of this is that accident and incidents have all but been eradicated, as managers have an instant address of any unsafe practices and can re train or educated accordingly”.

Companies and councils across the country are extremely pleased with all the help and support Vision Techniques have offered to them.

VT Live’s state of the art software can be fully integrated other VT products and other high-end technologies and the system can be used on any vehicle where a safety monitoring system is required.

VT ‘Live’ is now available on lease from just £2.60 per day installed.

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