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VT Ident – cutting the risk in recycling and waste collection

Municipal fleet owners have a lot to keep in mind: not just the usual hazards associated with large vehicles such as collisions when reversing or turning, but also the dangers associated with equipment found on these vehicles.

In the next few months we’re introducing our newest product, the VT Ident™ vehicle control system – designed specially to make municipal vehicles, like recycling and waste collection trucks, safer.

VT Ident – RFID technology for your peace of mind.

Municipal vehicles are a law unto themselves when it comes to vehicle safety. Not only do these large vehicles move slowly and stop regularly on public roads, they feature extremely dangerous equipment such as front, rear and side loaders, as well as crushers, balers and clamshell buckets – all of which can cause serious injury or death if used incorrectly.

With multi-person crews working around one another to collect waste to deadline, it’s easy to see how accidents can happen on municipal vehicles. Human judgment errors can play a large part in these incidents, as crew members succumb to the temptation to overstep the boundaries of their role for the sake of time.

The VT Ident™ vehicle control system features radio frequency identification technology – otherwise known as RFID – which looks for signals from ‘tag’ devices using radio wave frequencies sent from the control unit.

Tag readers are placed in the cab of the vehicle, and on strategic control points on the outside of the vehicle. They can be linked to control any electrical element on the vehicle, including vehicle ignition or access to the rear loader. An authorised employee has to present their tag to the reader to allow access to the system.

One of the major benefits of this system is that it prevents anyone from gaining unauthorised access to the vehicle itself and any of its external applications. Crew members are given unique personnel tags to wear, which can be tailored to allow or deny access to specific systems on the vehicle.

VT Ident™ is ideal for improving safety and security on vehicles in the following sectors:

As the system has been developed and produced in-house, the RFID technology can be re-programmed whenever you want, allowing you to tailor vehicle access according to your staff members’ experience and qualifications, preventing time pressure or lapses in judgment from costing you and your staff members dearly.

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