Vision Techniques

VT Ident preview at PAWRS 2014!

PAWRS 2014 has begun and we’re excited about another year at the Paignton show.

This year we’re proud to reveal our new radio frequency control system, VT Ident at this years event!

PAWRS is the perfect event to preview our latest technology, featuring radio control frequency technology based around a tagging system that the driver or staff member must wear to allow access.

The Ident system can allow or restrict access to any electrical control element of the vehicle, from vehicle ignition to use of any rear machinery. Programmable tags when presented to the reader allow access to any specific function of the vehicle that needs protecting. 

Our system is perfect to prevent vehicle theft when connected to the ignition system, as well as proving liability when using dangerous rear machinery, such as bin loaders. However, the possibilities of our system are truly limitless, allowing tailored control systems for any vehicle. 

The tag system allows for different levels of authorisation between individuals, so for example a bin loader can be allowed access to systems at the rear of the vehicle, but refused access to the ignition or brake system – preventing accidents from unauthorised use. 

Technical Manager Nigel Armstrong added “The beauty of our ident system is that we’ve been able to develop it ourselves, thanks to years of experience in the industry. We can integrate it with any vehicle and almost any electrical component, giving you more control over who accesses your vehicles.” 

Three different products are available within the Ident range, including DriveStop – controlling access of the ignition system, LiftStop – restricting access to the rear machinery and VT Ident – our complete vehicle control system.

If you’re attending PAWRS please feel free to visit our OWL Innovation Zone stand, ask for our pop-in masterclasses and enjoy our free hog roast.