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VT IDENT – How it Works

The VT Ident® is one of our newest products, designed to control aspects of a vehicle’s operation and prevent unauthorised people from using potentially dangerous systems, reducing the risk of injury. Today we’re taking an in-depth look at exactly how the VT Ident® works to keep your fleet safe.

State of the art technology

The key technology behind the VT Ident® is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). A tag reader is fitted to the driver’s cab, and other readers to the outside of the vehicle near any potentially hazardous equipment (for example, a waste crusher on a waste disposal vehicle).

Drivers and other operatives each have a tag to wear so the tag reader recognises which operating permissions they have. Every tag is uniquely coded, allowing managers to tailor access according to the role and training of each staff member.

An operative who was not employed to drive the vehicle could not access the driver’s permissions-starting the engine or releasing the handbrake- but would be able to use other systems as appropriate. The vehicle can be left unattended without worry about the risk of unauthorised operation, and minimising the risk of theft.

What is Radio Frequency Identification?

The VT Ident® uses similar technology to “smart card” building access systems, and microchips used to identify lost pets. The tag is programmed in advance by a supervisor or manager. The operative holds up the tag to the tag reader to access a system, and the RFID tag reader transmits an encoded radio signal to interrogate the tag. The tag responds with the programmed information, which the reader picks up, and allows or denies access as appropriate.

The “passive” tag reading system used in the VT Ident® means that tags do not need batteries- so they won’t run out of power while in use- and prevents abuse of the system by leaving a tag up against a reader continually.

A vehicle safety system with the flexibility you need

The Ident® system is scalable so you can use as many tags and tag readers as you need. Although it was originally designed with waste disposal systems in mind, the flexible design means it is also suitable for all kinds of other vehicles, including large plant vehicles and road sweepers.

The VT Ident® can be used on all kinds of vehicle components too, from ignition to operation of external equipment such as a baler. If it’s electronically or hydraulically controlled, it is compatible with the system.

Being fully programmable, the VT Ident® is completely flexible to your needs. You can change all kinds of variables, for example the length of time before a tag needs to be presented again, or add pressure pads to the driver’s seat to prevent vehicle movement without a driver sitting there.

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