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VT IDent DriveStop: How it works

23rd March

Posted on 31st Mar, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

On today’s blog we’ll be looking at one of our most popular safety and security products, the VT IDent DriveStop.

Designed to improve vehicle security and introduce levels of access, the system allows brake and engine control and comes with tag units, which are easy to replace and program.

Built with innovation and safety in mind, VT IDent DriveStop was developed by experts with 25 years of experience in building safety solutions to improve transport safety.

What does IDent DriveStop do?

The DriveStop reduces the risk of vehicle theft by locking down essential systems in a vehicle.

As a result, vehicle operators can have peace of mind that their vehicle will remain safe from intruders and future insurance premiums will be lowered.

How it works


The DriveStop uses RFID technology to improve vehicle safety and security using a control system, which allows and denies use of a vehicle.

The control system allows or denies access to a vehicle’s handbraking and engine system and works using a tag based access system.

This means that if someone attempts to steal your vehicle without a tag, the brakes will not release and the engine will stop, reducing the risk of theft.

When a user opens the door to the vehicle, the action will lock the handbrake. Releasing the handbrake without the tag present will also stop the engine as an extra security measure – preventing an unauthorised person from driving off in your vehicle

As the driver of the vehicle, you will wear the VT IDent DriveStop tag around your wrist and present this tag to the reader box once in the vehicle.

The tag will ensure full access to the handbraking and ignition system until the vehicle door is opened. Once opened, everything locks down until the tag is presented again.

Tags are available at a minimal cost and are easy to replace and program should you need more.

Complementary products from VT IDent

VT IDent allows further safety and security, giving you the ability to control who has access to any electrical or hydraulic element of a vehicle. This, in turn, helps to prevent accidents, injuries and theft.  VT Ident ticks

VT Ident tags authorise access to the vehicle or rear machinery using RFID and prevent unauthorised operatives from accessing dangerous equipment.

What’s more, VT Ident is built in house, meaning we can tailor it to your needs, your vehicles and your industry – ensuring the solution is just right for you.

The VT service

As with all VT products, VT IDent DriveStop can be fit to your vehicle and can receive support from Vision Techniques for its lifetime.

A technical helpline for advice is available on all of our products, but we also offer extended warranties, fleet checks, preventative maintenance packages and long-term service contracts as an optional add on.

To find out more, contact us on 08452 873 186

Have you used VT IDent DriveStop? If so, why not leave a review of the product in the comments below, or tweet us your review @VisionTechnique