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VT Crashcam Plus: For fully secured footage

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Posted on 25th Aug, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Vehicle safety is key to the Vision Techniques business. We want to help all users of the road by enhancing road safety and ensuring drivers get all the help and assistance they need to do their job well. As a result of this, we’re constantly developing new products and innovating current products to give our customers exactly what they need. The CrashCAM PLUS is the latest addition to our Driving Event Recorder range. Supporting up to 32GB of memory, the CrashCAM PLUS is the best in dashboard technology for ensuring and enhancing driver and cyclist safety.

The advanced product offers full HD high quality recorded footage, alongside in-depth driving analytics, for a fully comprehensive view of activity on the road. In fact, the analytics embedded into this particular technology are some of the best on the market. By integrating monitoring reports, route data as well as speed and location analytics, it allows you – and your company – to effectively evaluate your driving and any detailed information on accidents, should any occur.

Protection against crash scammers

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One of the main reasons we’ve focused on developing our CrashCAM range is because of the rising number of cash for crash scammers. In this trade, criminals orchestrate accidents to make fraudulent insurance claims – the profits of which are used to fund other criminal activities. These criminals cause accidents and frame the other driver by giving them no time to prevent the collision. With a CrashCAM device securely fitted to a vehicle dashboard, drivers can be assured that even if this does happen, any claim made against them will not be successful.

Powered by innovation

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While we have many cameras that provide this CCTV functionality, none of them have the same lockable SD drive – which ensures no one is able to access the memory of the camera without a key. This means that if the camera did get stolen after an accident, the vital footage that details the true course of events will be secured within the camera body. This forward-thinking technology was introduced due to popular request from our consumers. And as a company who develop all their own technology, Vision Techniques are able to listen to consumer demands and develop products accordingly, ensuring they’re relevant to all of our customer needs.

Another top addition to the CrashCAM PLUS is its emergency recording feature, ensuring all activity recorded is saved – even if an abnormal power failure or shut down was to occur.

The CrashCAM PLUS was developed with HGVs in mind, or any other vehicle that travels frequently on the roads at peak times. From lorries to city bus services, the CrashCAM PLUS can be easily fitted to the dashboard to record activity.

Find out more

For more information about VT Crashcam PLUS give us a call on 08450 041 562 and chat to our expert team. We’ll be able to help you with any questions you might have about the product and suggest other Vision Techniques technologies that may be suitable for your needs.

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