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VT BrakeSafe: The latest product from Vision Techniques

vt blog VT BrakeSafe: The latest product from Vision Techniques

Posted on 14th Sep, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

There’s a lot to think about when driving a HGV. Not only have you got to worry about all the usual rules of the road, often when tired and at busy, stressful times of the day; you also need to deal with all the extra challenges that come with operating a HGV. Keen to make your job easier for you and enhance road safety, we’ve designed a brand new product, VT BrakeSafe, which looks after just one of thing that might be worrying you…

Why VT BrakeSafe?

We decided to create VT BrakeSafe to enhance vehicle safety on the road. With today’s fast paced work environment and day-to-day pressures it’s easy to forget to apply the handbrake. While this would be dangerous for all types of vehicles, it’s particularly dangerous for large vehicles like HGVs, which have the potential to cause a huge amount of damage.

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VT Brakesafe: The technology

To make VT BrakeSafe valuable to drivers we implemented several different elements and triggers to ensure it was 100% fail proof.

At the most basic level VT BrakeSafe prevents a vehicle from rolling away. The kit comes with an air pressure switch with pneumatic fitting, as well as a brake lever position switch for safety and ease of use.

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We also made sure that VT BrakeSafe works with the ignition off. Many of these types of accidents occur after a vehicle has parked up. A driver may be so busy getting on with their next task they forget to pull up the handbrake.

The last layer of security built into VT BrakeSafe is its audible alarm warning. By alerting the driver of their mistake immediately, the driver can quickly correct their actions and pull the handbrake. The warning will also give instruction to apply the brake and reset the system.

Technology made easy

With so many requirements being put on HGV drivers, and lots of in-vehicle technology to remain aware of, we wanted to keep the design of VT BrakeSafe as simple as possible. Unlike most other technologies, a driver can forget all about VT BrakeSafe and needn’t even know it’s there – until the day they forget to apply the brake. The driver doesn’t have to press, look or interact with the system at all when driving; it’s completely autonomous. It was important for us to design something that didn’t take a driver’s mind away from the job and instead just worked alongside them to enhance their safety.

One of many new Vision Techniques products

VT BrakeSafe is just one of the brand new Vision Techniques products. It’s part of our new cost effective product range that’s simplistic in design – making it easy for all drivers to stay safe. While simple, we haven’t scrimped on quality. VT BrakeSafe, along with our other new technologies, still make major enhancements to your vehicle’s safety and reduce those day-to-day stresses you might experience on-the-job.

To find out more about VT BrakeSafe or any of our HGV safety products get in touch today. You can speak with a member of our expert team by giving us a call on 08344 641236.

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